Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BANGOR. nuf said.

We've arrived in Bangor, Wales...we're by the sea, the chip shop is closed and its raining, ahhhh feels like I'm caravaning with nanna and granddad again!...So apart from staying dry and reminiscing I am shooting with the lovely Hugo Speer today, he plays Warren, Kate's (my character) father...mmm maybe be a little weird if  I give the 'Full Monty' a peek tonight-but hey I am in Bangor and my choices for the evenings entertainment amount to hanging around the arcade seeing if any of the fag buts will still light or skinny dipping-well ill see what Theo James is up to first and if not (alas) u'll find me in my room with The Full Monty on VHS...So as they say here in Wales, LLONYDD, OS GWELWCH YN DDA!...for all everyone else that's ...Do not disturb!