Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BANGOR. nuf said.

We've arrived in Bangor, Wales...we're by the sea, the chip shop is closed and its raining, ahhhh feels like I'm caravaning with nanna and granddad again!...So apart from staying dry and reminiscing I am shooting with the lovely Hugo Speer today, he plays Warren, Kate's (my character) father...mmm maybe be a little weird if  I give the 'Full Monty' a peek tonight-but hey I am in Bangor and my choices for the evenings entertainment amount to hanging around the arcade seeing if any of the fag buts will still light or skinny dipping-well ill see what Theo James is up to first and if not (alas) u'll find me in my room with The Full Monty on VHS...So as they say here in Wales, LLONYDD, OS GWELWCH YN DDA!...for all everyone else that's ...Do not disturb!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Country retreat

After a great first week I'm back with the family in sunny stoke...perfect mix of mamma Mia sound track (dads favorite) cava (a family tradition), pub lunches and country walks....not to mention a little chocolate Swan making (there was no way out)... Anyway between all my eating and drinking I did mange a little research for Bedlam and I came across some very scary ladies indeed, actual patients from 'High Royds Pauper Lunatics Asylum' which has recently been converted into a block of flats and was the original inspiration for BEDLAM......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st day in the can..

Wooo day one went swimmingly well, great crew, great cast, love John Strickland our director, ive had the pleasure of working with him before on Miss Marple (coming later this year).

Wish I could show you a pictures of ours ghosts...but I wouldn't want to give the game away!

Just heard we are shooting a promo for beware folks......mmmmmwwwwwwahahahhaha!
Ok of to Yorkshire moors tonight to shoot.....mmmmm, a little scared I might see the ghost of Heathcliffs Cathy!.....

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello lovely blog readers!....As you may or may not have heard I am now all set to play the role of KATE BETTANY in the first original series for Living Tv....It revolves around 4 flat mates living in a converted mental you can imagine the world of Bedlam is pretty dark and chilling....
....mmmmwwwwaahhaaahahaaa (scary evil laugh!) 
After a slightly tense week of rehearsals and make up tests myself and fellow cast members, the lovely and gorgeous Will Young, Theo James and Ashley Madekwe have finally started to shoot and today is my first day and im a little nervous but very excited!!! wish me luck!!!!